More than 20 senior engineers
More than 80 R&D technicians
Accumulate more than 6000 mature formulas
Complete R&D facilities, master high-tech biochemical technology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, liquid crystal microemulsification technology, etc., and develop a series of characteristic formulas with high safety, stronger permeability, better absorption, and more obvious effects.
Special R&D Consultant of BAWEI

Tadahiro Shimada

  • Graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, Kagoshima University, Japan
  • Served as Director of Shiseido Global Product R&D Center, Vice President of SHISEIDO NORTH AMERICA R&D
  • Served as senior consultant of LG Group cosmetics R&D department
  • Served as Senior Consultant of Amore Pacific Cosmetics Group
  • Engaged in cosmetic formulation development for more than 40 years, dedicated to cosmetic engineering research and technology . Development and production, with 16 technology patents in Japan
  • 联合研发1

    France’s Cosmet’innov is the first French company dedicated to the research of products and formulations in the Chinese market. Its founder, Tony Deconick, has worked with many brands and laboratories (such as Nuturacos, Folitene and CIDC, etc.). The institution has an extremely strong R&D team. The former Givenchy R&D director Christian DAMPEIROU is also there. In the team.

  • 联合研发2

    In 2015, a joint laboratory was established with China Cosmetics Research Center and Beijing Technology and Business University.

  • 联合研发3

    He has reached a strategic cooperation with Liang Mu Tonio, the founder of S-Sence Co., Ltd., and is committed to basic research, raw material and formula innovation of cosmetics, and realizes the sharing of optimal resources and the latest technology.

  • 联合研发4

    Once reached a strategic cooperation with the former senior expert of Shiseido, De Jiangdu, and jointly committed to the basic research of cosmetics, the innovation of raw materials and formulas, to realize the sharing of the best resources and the latest technology.


66 patents have been authorized and 77 patents are under review 7 high-tech products in Guangdong Province

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